Saturday, 15 September 2012

When the church comes to work...

We had a busy bee this morning at the manse, taking the old foil insulation out of our roof and putting in some new wool batts. Jeff and I were woken up at 8am by the arrival of the first worker, and I had my shower to the intimidating thump-thump of boots on the roof.

Joshua was first of the kids to get up on the roof, and looked completely at home there:

Sam wasn't too sure at first:

But he soon began to see the upside of being so high:

Even I got up on the roof!

The back yard looks completely different from this perspective.

Abigail was very worried climbing the ladder on her own.

After we prayed for her safety and courage, she was fine, and even made her way into the roof cavity for a brief explore, equipped with her torch.

Anna was last to get up on the roof because she'd been inside working on a school project on Greece.

After all the work was done, the men all took a morning tea break - thanks to Jenny for sending along Anzac biscuits with her husband (since I am not known for my thoughtful hospitality).

Now I am looking forward to not shivering each night when I change into my pjs!


Mrs. Edwards said...

What a worthwhile project. Was your house pretty chilly? This should help keep it cooler when the heat hits, too. I was a little surprised to see your metal roof. No shingles in that area? Was your Perth house roofed this way too? It is so fun to see the different ways that different places do things.

You're very daring to take your kids up on the roof. I had to chuckle at my reaction to seeing them all up there, realizing just how risk-adverse I am!


Sharon said...

I was a bit nervous at first... but Jeff and I both spent time up there keeping an eye on them. I did help them climb up and down the ladder, climbing below them to make sure they didn't slip.

I think the majority of houses in Australia probably have corrugated iron roofs. It is certainly very, very common, partly because it is so easy to put on (or off). The men were in and out of our roof in under 2 hours, and it probably would have taken them all day if they'd had to take off shingles or gone one at a time up through the manhole to access the roof crawl-space, not to mention having far less light.

I think we had tiles on our last roof - probably very similar to what you call shingles. But even then, the extension had a corrugated iron roof.