Saturday, 26 July 2008

Geography printables

I just found a free source of printable maps, available as bitmaps or as higher resolution pdf images, at the National Geographic website. You can customise the maps slightly, selecting locations (from world, to continent, to country) and determining the level of detail, including showing country borders or not.

Here it is:

I hope it is as useful for you as it was for me. We will be studying animals of the polar regions over the next three weeks in Science, and I have just made a simple do-it-yourself atlas page for the kids on Antarctica, using maps from this site:
I've been looking for something like this for ages.


mom24 said...

GREAT resource! Thanks!

Sharon said...

You're welcome. I love finding useful stuff.

argsmommy said...

Wonderful! I've been looking for something like this too. Thank you for giving me your blog address -- I've been exploring all the great information you have.