Saturday, 19 July 2008

Writing task ideas

A list of ideas for writing tasks - I'll be choosing from this list and planning ahead a week at a time:
trace model letters, words or sentences
making words with alphabet blocks
collage spelling using foam letters
collage spelling using magazine title letters which they will select and cut out
writing on the Megasketcher
writing in trays of damp sand
transcribe model words or sentences
write a sentence from slow dictation, getting all help necessary to make it correct (eg spelling out words, reminders for punctuation)
writing a sentence (previously used for copywork) from dictation given at normal pace and expression; compare to model; re-write

A list of things to write in any of the above ways:
titles for narrations
captions for illustrations
labels for pictures
letters to family and friends
sentences from readers
sentences based on everyday situations
selections from read aloud literature
selections from read aloud poetry
Bible verses which have Dolsch list words
Memory verses
sentences based on Circle Time Bible stories
full name
our address
date of birth and of present day
General Knowledge lists eg days of week & months of year, names of continents & states

On alternate weeks, I will be using the same text (with Joshua) for the entire week and doing the following four lessons:
1. read the passage aloud and talk about any new words, then he will read the passage aloud
2. re-read passage; copy passage from model; mum to point out errors as he goes, for immediate correction
3. re-read passage; lesson on phonics/ grammar/ mechanics related to the passage (discussion)
4. re-read passage; copy passage from model; when finished, he will check with original and make corrections
These weeks, Anna will either not have any writing task or it will be assigned from a handwriting workbook I have. In the other weeks, I think Anna will do the same words/ sentence as Joshua, although she will do tracework while he does copywork.

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