Monday, 14 July 2008

We're back from the farm

We went to Granny and Gramps' farm in Albany last week and - despite most of the kids vomiting their way through the week - had a wonderful time. The day before we left, there was a huge gale and the power was off for over 24 hours. Fortunately, Betty and Ron have a rainwater tank that they could cart water from for us to drink etc and their stove is gas, so we could still have heated meals. In one morning, a dozen trees blew over on their property, with seven of them over fences, so Gramps had lots of work cut out for him when we left. Two trees fell over near the chook run. None escaped but it did make getting in to feed them and collect eggs difficult the next day. I took these pics the morning after the storm, when the kids went out to inspect the damage.

Of course, now that we're back from the farm Jeff has gone down sick with something similar to what the kids had, but we're gradually doing better.

While we were driving to and from Albany, and at various times while we were away, Jeff and I had some good chats about where he wants me to go with the homeschooling, scheduling our days better, and various other things. It was great to get his input. He would like to see a bit more of some things and a bit less of others, so there is change in the wind. However, having had a decent break, I am now - almost - ready to get back into things. Just a few more things to prepare and organise...

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