Thursday, 3 July 2008

"I know what Amazon is!"

I received a package in the mail yesterday, a large box from the US, my first ever purchase from (I bought the five sets of Bob Books so I don't have to keep borrowing them from my friend and also Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student for my own education.)

When I commented to Jeff that it was probably from Amazon, Joshua became very excited. "A box from Amazon? Wow! Open it, Mummy, please!"

I wasn't sure why Joshua would be all that excited. So I asked him, "What do you think it is?"

"It's a present from Amazon, Mummy. Open it!"


So I asked him again, "What is Amazon?"

"Amazon is a mighty, mighty, mighty gladiator. One of the lady ones. Open it Mummy, I want to see what she sent to you!"

Did I mention the kids love watching Gladiators?


Mrs. Edwards said...

(In regard to your purchase of Classical Rhetoric...): I think that you and I look forward to having rhetoric level students in our home academies! I just pray that my rhetoric level students relish it almost as much as I will! For now, I'm busy trying to prepare very rich soil for sowing.

I didn't know about the Corbett book, but it sure looks interesting. I am one of the masses that did not receive a rich secondary education (although my college experience was excellent) and now that I'm aiming high for my kids, the gaps are starting to show. I'm busy filling them as quickly as possible.

Joshua's comment is pretty funny. What did he say when he saw what his beloved woman warrior sent you?

Enjoy the homeschooling fair!

Sharon said...

When I explained to Joshua that this was a different Amazon, he did lose a fair bit of interest. But Anna was very excited to see the Bob Books. We sat down and she read the first four books of the first set aloud to me and I was almost as proud as she was!

I found this book browsing on Amazon ages ago, I think. It is fascinating and well structured so far and I think it will be useful for working through with the kids when they get to that rhetoric level. At the moment, though, it's just for me. I also need to bone up on grammar, and I'd love to learn Greek, and read a whole lot more on history, and there's always the classic novels... Oh, how I love the way I have an opportunity to learn more now I'm teaching my kids!

mom24 said...

This one's quite an amusing conversation! Our little ones are so funny!