Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Ever googled yourself?

Okay, it's a beautiful sunny day for the second day in a row and the kids have had some great fun playing outside. So while I was hanging out the washing, I thought, "I wonder if I could find myself if I googled my name?" I'm not exactly famous. So what info about me is there? How many people share my name?

My first name and (maiden) surname: about 975,000 hits. Obviously, not all about me. Apparently some woman who works pretty high up in Chanel shares a name with me though...

My first name and (married) surname: about 485,000 hits. Funny, I would have guessed my married surname was much more common than my maiden name. The other search must have been influenced by all those webpages about the lady from Chanel.

My first name and both my surnames: about 730,000 hits. And you know what? There's information about me - the real me - coming in at number four on the list. How bizarre! It was race results from when I was 10 - and, humiliatingly, was the only W10 competitor to DNF in a certain orienteering badge event in SA; the inclusion of my married name was just random, that of another unrelated competitor.

My first name, middle name and (maiden) surname: about 319,000 hits. And once again, the real me is there at number four. A public document with my full name listed along with that of others who received merit certificates for Year 12 subjects in my graduating year (a merit certificate is awarded for full marks - I got one for Mathematics 1s).

My first name, middle name and (married) surname: about 3,330,000 hits. None in the first ten were for me. To be frank, I couldn't be bothered checking out the next three million...

So, to summarise:
When I was a kid, I wasn't so good at sports but was a whiz at maths. Now I'm an adult, I'm a nobody, google-wise. Who new?

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argsmommy said...

Well, I'm not nearly as popular as you! My full married name generated 3,300 hits, with the real me only coming in at #20 (apparently I share a name with a successful rodeo competitor!). My maiden name only generated 15,900 hits, none of them with the actual combination of my first name and maiden name. So as far as I know, the only reference to the real me on the internet is from some volunteer work I did 13 years ago!
Fun post. : )