Saturday, 2 August 2008

Polar Bears

A few links I will be checking out with the kids this coming week as we read and learn about Poar Bears:

Saskatchewan school teacher Josie Giannetta's webpage on Arctic animals: (The image in this post is from her page.)

Josie Giannetta's webpage on Polar Bears:

National Geographic information on the Polar Bear:

National Geographic colouring page for the Polar Bear:

Hinterland Who's Who webpage on the Polar Bear:

And because I didn't find it in time for last week's general introduction to the Polar regions, we'll enjoy these:

Author of Pole to Pole Pamela Freeman's pictures of Antarctica:

I have had a lot of trouble finding maps of the arctic circle which are suitable to use with my kids. I can find coloured maps, but nothing in black and white.

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