Saturday, 9 August 2008

Visitors at the door

It being a Saturday morning, we just had some visitors. They had come to tell us about their religious beliefs. So, as I usually do, I told them, "We are Christians". Seeing my kids playing in the background, they said they'd like to talk about the importance of teaching your kids what you believe. I told them we take teaching our kids from the Bible pretty seriously in our house. And then, since Joshua was coming forward to tell all about his latest block project, I decided to let him talk to them. "Tell them what you know about Jesus, Joshua" I prompted.

"Well," he began, "some bad people wanted to kill Jesus, but that was all part of God's plan to rescue us from our sin. So they killed him on a cross," (arms outstretched) "and he died and they buried him. But then... he rose again! And I know a song about Easter: Friday morning, Jesus had died, all his friends were sad and they cried," (then Anna joined in) "Easter morning, what a surprise, Jesus has risen, hooray! He's alive!"

I was pretty proud of - and thankful to God for - Joshua and Anna's ability to share the gospel with these visitors. Who have you shared the good news of Jesus with lately? Have you taught your children to tell others about Jesus?


Adrienne said...


Great site you've got!!! Wow--I'll certainly be back! I left a reply for you regarding your Greek and Lain questions. Let me add one more thing.....if I had it to do over, I would have started both kids in Latin in kindergarten. Learning a language that early just gets it in their system right away.


Sharon said...

Thanks for the compliment and the advice Adrienne. I was very grateful to have 'met' someone who is teaching both Latin and New Testament Greek to their young children.

~ Sharon

mom24 said...

I hate to say that I wasn't brave enough to start with Latin. I only just figured out that I wanted to use a classical educational approach and since I am most familiar with Spanish, decided to start with that. Latin will be 4th grade for us!

Isn't it nice to hear that your children are learning God's Truth? In my case, it usually happens when they are speaking to my unbelieving (but church-going) parents. It's beautiful to hear the name of Jesus on the lips of babes!