Sunday, 17 August 2008

I've gotta write an essay

This week, I'm going to be writing an essay (1000 words) on "The Implications of the Gospel for the Life of a Christian Woman, Wife and Mother" for my Trinity@Night class on The Christian Life: Head, Heart and Hands. I ran through my initial thoughts with my friend Mrs T on Friday and she seemed to think it sounded okay, although I'd have trouble sticking to the word limit. If you've read this blog for any length of time you'd know word limits are a perennial problem for me. Blog posts are meant to be succinct and pithy. Not mine. Oh well.

So that's why over the next week I'll be posting the draft of my essay in installments of - hopefully - around 250 words. The essay (if all goes to my current plan) will address:
1. What is the gospel anyway?
2. Getting to know God: reading His Word and praying back to Him.
3. Developing love and fear for God: ... this one is going to be the hardest for me.
4. Obeying God: doing what He wants me to do.

If you're interested in the topic, I hope you enjoy my brevity on the matter. If you're not interested, forewarned is forearmed, so feel free to avoid this blog for a week!

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