Saturday, 6 June 2009

Recently... Jeff and I

Jeff has enjoyed a few days off from work; completely, 100% off. They were great for him, me and our family. Often on a Saturday Jeff is still doing the finishing touches to his sermon for the next day, and on a Monday he can have church meetings, but last Saturday and Monday he did not have any of these things to do, and really appreciated the opportunity to not think about his job for a whole 24 hours at a time.

Jeff has also been back into some woodworking lately, which has been a wonderful way for him to relax. He has a few different projects going on at the moment, and is loving the workshop he has here.

We have been very excitedly making plans for a special trip next year... details as soon as we get the tickets!

I haven't been online in almost a week so that I could spend some time reading. It was very pleasant to immerse myself between the pages of a novel (actually, four novels) for a very long time. I cannot believe that I have only read two other novels this year, if I don't count the books I read to the kids. Shudder! My reading tastes have changed a lot since I became a Christian, since I have been at home with the kids, since we moved to Perth, since I began blogging... I read a lot more non-fiction than I ever did before and I have become much more impatient and unwilling to put up with inelegant prose or lame plots. Not that my writing is all that fantastic, but once one has come to appreciate quality, it is hard to view trashy fiction as anything other than a waste of my precious time.

Anna and I have been working very solidly with the homeschooling and so I gave her this week off from most of it (it was the middle of our second term). I got caught up on some of the housework backlog, which has helped my sanity. And I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the new DVD by Colin Buchanan, The Good News Parcel Company, several times with the kids. The vid for "Glory to God" is absolutely hilarious.


Mrs. Edwards said...

Hopefully we'll see some pictures of Jeff's woodworking projects in the future.

"I got caught up on some of the housework backlog, which has helped my sanity." This is the main aim of my summer vacation, but my diligence is less than admirable!

Those travel plans sure do sound exciting!

Sharon said...

he he he! yes they do sound exciting, don't they? he he he!

Photos after the work is completed and it is no longer a matter of secrecy. Shouldn't be long...


Meredith said...

Hi Sharon,

Sounds as though you have had a refreshing break. That's great. And so important.

When you are back in the swing of things (although keep up with the reading I say and beware the internet!! tee hee) come by and check my blog because you won a prize this week!!

Love Meredith xx

argsmommy said...

It sounds like you've had a productive blogging break! I too have had to trade blogging for reading lately. I rarely find the time to read non-fiction for myself these days, so I'm very thankful for all the good books I read with the kids.

Can't wait to hear about the trip...