Monday, 8 June 2009

Twilight Saga: Links for discerning parents

Cyberpunk + Blue Twin go back to uni
Twilight: p*rn for girls by Tamie
Twilight:post-script by Tamie
Just one more thing about Twilight by Tamie

webSalt (A "little zine that helps you think through the big issues of life as a Christian at uni" from AFES)
Review: Twilight (the book) by Loren Bercroft
Review: Twilight (the movie) by Loren Bercroft

Sydney Anglicans
The Twilight series by Kara Martin
The Big Picture: The Twilight series podcast with Kara Martin
Twilight (the book) by Mark Hadley
New moon by Mark Hadley
Breaking Dawn
The Twilight film saga by Mark Hadley
Bite me by Mark Hadley (a history of vampires in myth, movies and literature)

The Gospel and Culture Project
Vampires and Young Female Desire by Beth Felker Jones

the Atlantic
What Girls Want by Caitlan Flanagan

Twilight word vomit by Karen Beilharz
More Twilight word vomit by Karen Beilharz
Twilight word vomit: Twilight by Karen Beilharz
Twilight word vomit: New Moon by Karen Beilharz
Twilight word vomit: Eclipse by Karen Beilharz
Twilight Word vomit: Breaking Dawn by Karen Beilharz
Twilight word vomit: A postscript by Karen Beilharz

the procrastinatrix
boring writing

Time magazine
Stephenie Meyer by Orson Scott Card (he's another Mormon author, mostly of Sci-Fi novels including my all-time favourite, Ender's Game)
Stephenie Meyer: A New J.K. Rowling? by Lev Grossman
Twilight: The Fangirls Cometh, with Cash by Rebecca Winters Keegan
Twilight Review: Swooningly True to the Book by Richard Corliss
Stephenie Meyer by Lev Grossman, from the Time Person of the Year 2008 list of runners up
10 Questions for Stephenie Meyer

the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
Bella Swan played by Kristen Stewart
Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson
New Moon

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