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TwiSaga: New Moon story line

~ Twilight ~

***WARNING: Lots and Lots of Plot Spoilers Ahead***

New Moon

In the opening chapters of New Moon Edward takes Bella to the Cullen's home for a birthday party in her honour as she turns 18, while Bella is mourning being officially older than Edward's permanent age of 17. Bella receives a paper cut while opening her presents, and after Jasper has to be restrained from attacking her, Edward tells Bella he is leaving her so that he will never bring danger into her life again, and that he does not love her any more. Bella goes into an almost catatonic state of grief for four months, but gradually awakens.

At her father's suggestion she begins to develop a friendship with Jacob, finding in his open, sunny attitude an antidote to her depression over Edward's disappearance. Out with Jessica one day, Bella discovers that she can inspire visions of Edward's voice speaking to her if she puts herself in danger in deliberate contradiction of her promise to him to stay safe. So she acquires some dirt bikes which Jacob restores to working order, and they go biking together. Rumours are abounding in Forks of people seeing giant bears in the woods; when Bella searches alone for Edward's meadow, she sees Laurent again and he is about to attack her when a pack of giant wolves enter the meadow and chase him away, saving her. When Jacob is suddenly incommunicado for a fortnight, Bella is again devastated; she later finds out that Jacob has gone through a transition to become a werewolf (traditional enemies of vampires), joining the Quileute pack led by Alpha male Sam. Bella realises that the werewolves are being blamed for hiker deaths that are actually caused by vampires, and since the pack has killed Laurent, it is actually Victoria, desiring revenge for James's death, who is ranging nearby. Bella spends more and more time at La Push, where the werewolves can protect her from Victoria.

Bella jumps off a cliff (Jacob thought it might cheer her up to cliff-dive with him, but she attempts it when the seas are rough and he isn't with her) and the Cullens return in response to Alice's premonition of her death. Jacob saved Bella, but Alice couldn't see that in the vision (she has a blind spot for werewolves) and Edward is convinced that Bella has died. Distraught, he travels to Italy, determined to convince the Volturi to take his life also. When the Cullens find out Bella is still alive, Alice and Bella fly to Italy to stop Edward's attempt to force the Volturi's hand. Bella catches up to Edward, but then the Volturi find out that she - a human - knows Edward is a vampire, and they only let her leave once Alice promises that Bella will one day soon be made into a vampire herself, or be killed. Edward has never wanted this to happen, fearing Bella's soul will be lost when she is changed, but Bella wants to be with Edward forever and sees this as the only way. When Edward and Bella return to Forks, Bella asks Carlisle to change her when she graduates, but Edward offers to do it on the condition she marries him first. The only problem with this plan comes when Jacob reminds them that the pact between the Cullen vampires and the Quileute werewolves states that the vampires are restricted from killing humans and also biting them: the pack will most certainly consider Bella being changed to a vampire cause enough to declare all out war.

~ Eclipse ~ Breaking Dawn ~ Midnight Sun ~

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