Saturday, 27 June 2009



Mrs. Edwards said...

Adorable. And the bed is so perfectly made and tucked in! That wouldn't be the case here, however.

Sharon said...

Samuel is a very still sleeper, once he actually gets to sleep that is. Sometime between being put to bed and falling asleep, Sam had climbed up his drawers to obtain his Pooh socks, before clambering back into bed. Often I will find several pairs of socks scattered on the floor at the foot of the drawers in the morning. So amusing.

It is also pretty cold here at night at the moment - reportedly 3 degrees (0 is freezing point) a few nights ago - so I am sure that gave him a reason to keep the blankets up.

~ Sharon

argsmommy said...

I love how peaceful kids look when they are asleep. He is precious.