Friday, 18 September 2009

Somebody has already written my book!!!

Um... I mean, the book I wish I had written myself!Amazon has Touched by a Vampire due for release Oct 6, 2009.
(Anybody looking for Christmas present ideas for me reading this post?)

You rock, Beth Felker Jones! Though I'm not sure why you didn't even ask me for notes...
As those who have read this blog back in June and July will know, I thought and blogged a lot about the Twilight Saga after I read the books. One of my first posts on the books, with a bunch of links to critical responses, linked to Beth Falkner Jones' article for the Gospel and Culture Project, Vampires and Young Female Desire.

And completely co-incidentally, I have a "Twilight Chat" scheduled with my friends S & C, to discuss the books and in particular their Mormon themes, on October 6. So you might get some more TwiSaga posts from me around then, since even without Jones' book, I have a fair bit to say on the topic:(Just in case you feel the urge to preview some of my thoughts, you can click on my images to open them in their full size.)


Mrs. Edwards said...

Wow. It does sound like exactly what you have explored in blog posts. Too bad you won't get royalties!

Sharon said...

Yeah. I've updated this post with some pics of all the thinking I have done on the topic, which is not inextensive, as you know.
~ Sharon

Sharon said...

PS Amy,

Do you feel like reading Meyer's other novel (a stand alone, written for adults) The Host and discussing that on my/your blog with me closer to the end of the year?

The Host has a lot less sexual tension than the TwiSaga, although it is a romance. The characterisation is also much improved over the TwiSaga. It also has Mormon theology intertwined in the science fiction storyline, I have realised.

Just in case you think you might have more free time for lying on a couch and reading in a few months!

~ Sharon

Meredith said...

Hopes of being published dashed!

Sounds just like my manual for Sunday School teachers from a few years ago. I was just getting ready to send through a proposal to a certain eastern states church based publishing company and in came their latest catalogue with, as you put it so well, my book already written!

I agree, didn't they think to ask??

Beth said...

Thanks for putting the book up. I do hope that it is useful for equipping the the church, parents, children...
If it's comfort, people have written "my book" before me before too. :)
Christ's Peace,
Beth Felker Jones

Sharon said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Beth!

I am also hoping that your book will be useful, and thinking about school librarians and English teachers as well. Someone needed to write about these books, even if it couldn't be me.

A friend's child says she knows 9 year olds reading the books at her school. Children like this need adults around them who have the knowledge to help them to understand the messages behind what they are reading. I think after I read a copy I might buy one for my son's school library.

~ Sharon