Saturday, 1 January 2011

11 goals for 2011

1. Love and worship God more, more of the time.

2. (er... this one is a secret between me and my husband)

3. Help Sam settle into Childcare two days a week... somehow!
26/05/11 Jeff and I talked to Sam a lot about this and he is doing really well with this now. He still says "I hate childcare" on the mornings before I take him, but we pray together as we walk to the room, and he almost always is happy and quickly settles when we arrive. There is no more crying or tantrums, just the occasional crossed arms and frown - which is a huge improvement. So what was the solution? We bribed Sam with a McDs icecream cone each afternoon after we collected him if we heard from his carers that he had settled well that day. Now we're down to just an icecream on Friday if he settled well into childcare on Tue and Fri and into BSF Bible Study on Wed morning.

4. Be diligent in supervising Abigail's Grade 1 homework as she learns to read and write.

5. Encourage Anna as she learns the self-discipline required for gentleness with others - and learn along with her.

6. Support Joshua to being more self-controlled emotionally - and improve in this myself.

7. Start and finish a digital scrapbook for our holiday to England and Singapore five years ago.

8. Make time and put in effort to complete the book I have begun writing and submit it for publication.

9. Learn the basics of Biblical Greek from Jeff, as he revises and refreshes his own skills.

10. Spend more time outdoors on my bike and in the pool and park so I can lose 10kg.

11. Do a good job mentoring and discipling the young Sunday School teachers who will be meeting with me weekly for Bible Study and Sunday School planning this year.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon!!

Your goals sound similar to mine :-).. well except #2 !!!

I hope you don't mind me copying your title for your post... Great idea to have 11 resolutions for 2011 :-)

Love to all your family during this season ....


Sharon said...

Jeff and I spent some time on New Years Eve snuggled up on the couch together talking through these. I think he was slightly disappointed that "cook dinner more frequently rather than leaving it to Jeff" didn't make my list. His list has some different stuff, of course, and really, there are more than 11 things I'd like to see happen in the next year. But this list lets me hit the highlights. Hopefully I'll get them done... or at least some of them!


Meredith said...

It's a great list Sharon. Covering all the important bits of life. May it go well for you.

Mrs. Edwards said...

This is great. I haven't made a list, but I am focusing this week, as we re-start our school session, to become more disciplined spiritually and in my mothering. I hate to admit it, but self-discipline is something that I am sorely lacking.

As you work on #6, and learn through it, pass along any advice you have. If I replace the name Joshua with "Lane and Tobias", it applies directly to me.