Sunday, 23 January 2011

Caravanning from Perth to Adelaide & back

We are presently somewhere between Kimba and Kyancutta on our way back home. Our last few days in Adelaide didn't quite go as planned since I had yet another (!) anaphylactic reaction that took me to hospital when I sat with the rest of the family as they ate dinner at the Adelaide Central Markets on Fri night; and everyone except Sam (cross fingers) has had gastro in the last three days. But we are on our way back home, and having just finished reading Corrie ten Boom's autobiographical book The Hiding Place, I am feeling much more like celebrating God's grace to me and mine than wanting to whine over the 2500km to go!


Kellie said...

I'm praying that you all feel better soon and have a safe trip back.

I need to read The Hiding Place again -- it's been many years.

Sharon said...

My reading partner said that as well. She thought she might re-read it over the Christmas hols like me. It was great to read it while Jeff drove but not so good when both of us teared up at the end!

Mrs. Edwards said...

Sharon! Another attack! This is discouraging. I'm so sorry that you have to live in dread of this. And sorry too about all the gastro. That takes a lot of the fun away from the trip.

Like Kellie, I'm praying that you all feel better soon.
"Show thyself to me as the God of all grace, love, and power;
thou has a balm for every wound,
a solace for all anguish,
a remedy for every pain,
a peace for all disquietude."
(Valley of Vision, p. 163)

Shelly said...

You don't know me, yet you inspire me. Just want you to realize your actions are glorifying God... keep on, Girl!

Sharon said...

Thanks Shelly.

And Amy, don't feel too bad for me. Jeff and I were so thankful for God's grace to me even though this was happening once again. It could have been any day of our holiday but it happened when we were with someone who could take the kids home, bath them and put them to bed for us (we were staying with Jeff's bro and SIL, for the first night of our trip away not in a caravan park). I had picked that day to be wearing my red "God is Love" t-shirt that we bought in the US, and the words were right across my front to remind me and reassure me if I had any qualms. And it seems I am becoming such an "old hand" at this that I didn't even have to stay in the hospital more than a few hours. (Although they did say I should have used the epipen when I first struggled to breathe walking down the mall, rather than wait until we'd caught a taxi the two streets to the hospital. Not to mention I think we freaked the taxi driver out completely.) We were out before midnight and even caught a tram some of the way back to A&K's house! And for the first time in almost three weeks Jeff and I had a few moments to ourselves without kids... so we weren't all that upset that I was on a hospital bed in resuss for part of it!! It's almost becoming a family joke now... Jeff took another photo of me in emergency and told the nurses it was for our "emergency dept visits on holiday photo album".

I'll post pics of the whole holiday soon, promise!

Mrs. Edwards said...

Oh, Sharon, you're amazing. Actually, I can imagine that a few quiet moments in the hospital had their upside! I'm so glad to know you're bouncing back so well.