Monday, 10 January 2011

Christmas vist with Grandpa

Grandpa (Jeff's Dad) arrived for a visit on Boxing Day, and stayed until New Year's Eve. Uncle Andrew, Auntie Kim and cousin Jonathan spent a few nights with us as well.[Sam took the photo above.]
We took Grandpa to the local shops to see the kids smile their biggest smiles ever while they each had a go on FlyMotion.
We showed him our expertise with the family Christmas gift of Nerf guns (last year it was water guns - there seems to be a theme here that might have something to do with Jeff, the ex-army officer, choosing the presents).
We went for a sunset picnic to King's Park and then had barefoot races on the soft grass at dusk.
We flew a kite in the park next to our house

and even had a kick of the footy.
A busy, beautiful Christmas visit.

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