Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Watching and Doing Play School

I am totally converted to the idea of Joshua watching Play School. I was sceptical to say the least when Jeff said I should let him watch more TV (before this, the kids only had DVD time for half an hour or so, some days of the week). But ABC programs have no ads (during the shows) and Play School is on when the girls are having their naps and I am having Mummy Time, so I've been diligently turning on the TV for him at 3pm each afternoon. What a surprise!

According to the ABC Play School transmission schedule, this week the theme has been weather.

On Monday, the Play School team was experiencing A Windy Day. They showed Joshua how to make Hot Air Balloons.
This is Joshua's attempt (he was very generous in giving Samuel a ride):On Tuesday, the Play School team was enjoying A Snowy Day. They showed Joshua how to make Paper Snowflakes.
This is Joshua's attempt (the green snowflakes are his, the pink one on the right is mine): Today, the Play School team was having A Rainy Day. They showed Joshua how to make Speckly Paintings with saltshakers full of powdered paint and a water spray bottle. Having not yet found the very informative and helpful Grown Ups Program Notes on the web, I had no idea what he was talking about when Joshua tried to describe the method to me. Maybe we'll try it on the weekend if I can locate the required resources.
So Joshua got out his oldest textas and a sheet of scrap paper and made a very good facsimile of the Calendar Picture for today. Here is Joshua's effort (he even remembered what day of the week it was when he asked me to write Wednesday and Rain on the page):Tomorrow the kids are spending the day with Samuel's god-family. (Hooray! Hooray! Almost a whole day of Mummy Time! I need it heaps because Jeff is interstate this week and I am going mental.) So I have checked ahead and packed some black cardboard squares and sand from our sandpit (and I need to buy some glue paste on the way to their house) so he can make the Sand Pictures they'll be showing him as part of their Sunny Day. I've also packed a colouring picture of Humpty and Joshua's watercolour pencils.

Frankly, I am amazed at the wonders of Play School. I never thought watching television could be this active!

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mom24 said...

There's a difference between letting them "veg" and using the tv as an educational tool. What you've done to expound upon his learning the weather is awesome! I am just coming off the post-pregnancy tv crutch (the only way to nap was 1 to 2 hours of tv! Yikes!) and we are back down to 1/2 hr per day (at most). And that half hour is a phonics show.
Good job!