Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Backyard Cricket

The beautiful weather that has delighted us ever since the fourth term began has called us out into the back yard frequently. This morning I hung out the washing while Joshua and Anna played a little cricket before Joshua had to leave for school. It was lovely to see how eager Joshua was to play with his sister.Anna seems to prefer to bat left-handed, although she is right-handed in everything else.Despite a lack of practice over the winter months, I saw a noticeable improvement in their skills over their attempts at the beginning of the year. There was also a vast improvement in their ability to share ... they even took turns at batting!


Mrs. Edwards said...

When I read this post (also along with the others from today) I really felt a yearning to be there with you and get our families together. I'm so, so excited to see you in April, but wistful that I won't get to meet your precious children and introduce them to ours.

Sharon said...


That's how I felt when I read Sydney and Hope's reports recently. I am really looking forward to meeting them and talking to them, as well as you & Mr Edwards of course ... and the boys, and your mother...

The closer it gets to April the more I wish our kids were coming with us. Mind you, they are getting excited about spending so much time with Granny & Gramps and with Grandma & Grandad. And the grandparents are getting excited about spending so much time with the kids. Sometimes I think it is a pity we aren't millionaires. Not often, but sometimes.

I am especially hoping to be able to meet your newest little one. Aah, what a precious gift God had in store for us when we were planning to visit you completely unaware of what His timing for the holiday would bring! I praise you LORD for you know the end from the beginning. You are immensely gracious to us with your timing of the events of our lives. Amen.

~ Sharon