Thursday, 1 October 2009

Uncle Andrew and Cousin Jonathan in the News

Swine Flu immunisations are rolling out in Australia. Jeff's brother Andrew (a Health Inspector in South Australia), together with his wife Kim & young son Jonathan, were in the news last night getting their jabs. Incidentally, Joshua and I spent much of last night back at what I am starting to feel is "our" hospital. Around 9pm Joshua had another asthma attack, his third since he got sick six weeks ago with what was probably (but not confirmed) swine flu, which seems to "bring on" asthma in those kids who have a predisposition.

Joshua's last asthma attack was only ten days ago. He is getting better at recognising the signs and asking for his puffer, and I am getting better at understanding the symptoms and acting appropriately as well.

I am thankful for 24hr chemists - Joshua's reliever puffer ran out 8 puffs into the first set of 12, and I had to call Jeff home from Bible study and dash out to get Joshua's prescrip filled again before we could see if the medicine would work quickly enough. The second set of 12 didn't work quickly enough, so it was back to the Emergency Dept again. The doctors and nurses are starting to seem like familiar friends.

The triage nurse measured his O2 levels at 95%, the lowest I have seen them since he had his first asthma attack. (Normally they should be 100%.) So it was a relief that this time, Joshua was able to go home three hours later without having taken steroids. In the doctors words, "he's had enough steroids over the last month...". It was wonderful to see Joshua's reliever medication finally take effect, even if that did mean he had taken so much he vomitted twice (a side effect).

The doctors are saying it looks like we can expect Joshua to have an attack every time he gets a snotty nose from a cold, which makes me very glad that Winter is over, Spring is here and the skies are getting bluer every day.

(Did I mention last night was our 9th wedding anniversary? I'm glad we have our anniversary date night scheduled for tonight, not last night!)

[Photo courtesy ABC News.]


Alison Lacey said...

What a way for Joshua to start his holidays. I'm glad to hear he's okay.

Meredith said...

Happy anniversary!! Enjoy your date.

Mrs. Edwards said...

I'm sorry to hear about Joshua struggling with these asthma attacks. Hopefully, as you say, you both will get better and better at anticipating and managing it. Respiratory issues can be frightening; I'm thankful that you have medical help available.

Congratulations on nine years of marriage! May God give you nine years many more times!

I'm supposed to get the swine flu vaccine, especially since I'm pregnant, and the first wave is available in my city next week. I'm already reading about the flu spreading in the public schools, which makes me thankful that we homeschool--at least as a little buffer until vaccines are out.

argsmommy said...

Happy anniversary! I hope your date was wonderful.

Poor Joshua! I'm glad he's okay, and hopefully he will have some relief now that the warmer weather is coming. We've had to start turning on our heat now that fall is in full swing, so germ season is just around the corner for us.

Sharon said...

We had a doctor's appointment scheduled for yesterday, a follow-up for Joshua's previous asthma attack. Abigail had been coughing at night so I asked the doctor to check her out as well. It turns out the poor lass has tonsilitis! Even when the doctor asked her point blank, she didn't complain of a sore throat, though. Abigail is one tough cookie, it seems. Anna was diagnosed with an ear infection last week before they all went down to Albany, so we are having our fair share of cold/flu induced secondary infections at the moment... and then some. But they are all bright and cheerful despite the ill health. God is good!

~ Sharon