Saturday, 24 October 2009

Reading Update #1


We have skipped ahead through the Endeavour Reading Program a bit because I have (finally!) realised that Anna doesn't need to read every single book in a level, and because I have noticed she is much happier and eager to read if she is reading certain books - the ones with fairy tale style stories. Hence she has now begun reading Once Upon a Time, which is reader ER#6a. Level 6 is designed for the end term (in a three term year) of second grade. Here is a sample of what she is now reading:While Anna was struggling to read a paragraph at a time from ER#5, Sparky the Space Chimp, this evening she read 15 pages from the level above that. She read the entire story of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff", and it was at her own instigation. What a development!

Anna has also been reading some of Joshua's take-home readers from school, which are from Level F of the Reading A-Z Program. Level F is designed for mid-first grade, and they both can read an entire reader in one go, with few problem words. For example, Joshua and Anna both read Mother's Day one afternoon last week.

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