Thursday, 22 October 2009

Home Haircuts

Jeff gave Samuel a rather short "Summer Haircut" while I drove Joshua to school on Monday. Here is Sam with his Summer Buzz:And then today Jeff cut Joshua's hair as well. This time, since Joshua was protesting that he still wanted to be able to use a comb, I suggested that Jeff work out some sort of bowl cut (I know that's not a very cool description, sorry Josh!) like Joshua's friend L and his brothers have. Jeff managed admirably, and I think Josh looks really cute (again, sorry Josh!):This is just a bonus photo of Abigail, since she was there when I photographed the boys. I know I am biased, but truly, Abigail is adorably sweet.

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Mrs. Edwards said...

I love those pen marks on your sofa! Makes me feel very at home. Sorry, I know that's beside the point!!!

Great haircuts, boys! It always reminds me how much the season color my mood when I read about your summer starting just as we're buttoning up for fall and winter. I'm thinking of knitting, mittens, soup, and hot tea, and you're thinking school holidays, heat, and keeping cool.