Thursday, 15 October 2009

Learning Division

Joshua has begun learning division in school this week. On Tuesday Jeff talked about it with Joshua and explained in a way that made it easier for him to understand. Yesterday Joshua came home and wrote out some division questions for Jeff to complete. Then he asked me for some division sums for him to do! I only gave him sets of three or four at a time, and he kept coming back to me asking for more.He was very excited each time he got them all correct.

"I want you to give me more sums so I can be wise," Joshua told me.


Mrs. Edwards said...

I'm very impressed! Division already? Wow. And so sweet that he values wisdom. You're doing such a great job, Sharon and Jeff.

Sharon said...

His ability with division is a huge irony for me because I struggled with learning my times tables in Grade 6! Mum had to give me a page of multiplication questions for homework every afternoon until I learnt them, because I had been so quick with my maths work in general that none of my earlier teachers until Mr Foster in Grade 6 realised I didn't actually know them already.

Josh has learnt his ten, five and two times tables so far and is learning his three times tables at the moment. You will notice I restricted his questions to those, and didn't try to over-stress his abilities.

~ Sharon