Monday, 8 August 2011

Avon Descent fun day

After our church fellowship lunch on Sunday, Jeff took the older kids down to the river to enjoy some of the Avon Descent festivities. Meanwhile, Sam and I had a nap, which Sam really needed and I really appreciated. There were lots of free activities, and our kids enjoyed the rock climbing (except Abigail, who was still too short):They also loved the face painting (for which Mr R queued for an hour and a half for his son and our kids!):Jeff had the pleasure (?) of being chosen to join a knife juggling act, where he lay on the ground and the juggler walked over him with the knives whizzing in the air. Unfortunately, the kids didn't take any photos of that experience. Perhaps they were too busy fearing for their father's life!

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Mrs. Edwards said...

I love those face painting pictures. What a great day. I can't believe Jeff and those knives, however. YIKES!