Thursday, 4 August 2011

Hunger Games the Movie (Poster, that is)

I really want to see this movie. Perhaps almost as much as I am looking forward to the November release of Breaking Dawn Pt1, even though all the action is going to be in Part 2. I'm just not sure if I do go to see the Hunger Games, if I'll be announcing myself as a "Capitolist" at heart, or if I can just go as a reader who enjoyed and appreciated the books for all that they are; for their anti-war message and apotheosis plot. Any thoughts from anyone who has read the books by Suzanne Collins?


Mrs. Edwards said...

I take it you recommend the books? I haven't read them yet.

Sharon said...

They are anti-war books. They contain some very strong images of violence in the context of this message. So I'm not willing to recommend them willy-nilly to everyone I meet, or for younger children. But if you take that caveat on board, yes, they are good books that I would be happy to recommend.

To encourage deeper thinking about the books, you can check out the topics on the Hogwarts Professor website related to The Hunger Games trilogy, or Scholastic's teachers' site on the books.