Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The view over my kitchen sink

Actually, I took this shot through the fence just outside my kitchen window, a metre in front of where Sam was floating a Lego boat in our kitchen sink.The canal next door has been steadily filling this winter, unlike last, when there was not enough rain to raise the ground water table sufficiently. Since yesterday, for the first time, the canal has stayed looking Full even after the rain has stopped, rather than like a snaky line of water between puddles. Over summer it is completely dry.

I noticed this morning that the small lake at the end of our street is looking Full as well. Hooray for rain in WA!

Did you know you can find out how full the dams around Perth are? Just head on over to the Water Corp's site. And there are a few graphs and other information to help understand what is happening in our dams here.It seems we are still well below the average for the past 8 years, but climbing out of the dry hold that last year's lack of rain left us in, with a sudden upswing in the last week. Last year was the dark blue line; this year is the black line.

Again I say, Hooray for rain in WA!

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Mrs. Edwards said...

Lane told me yesterday, "Mom, I used to think that when it rained here, it was raining everywhere, all over the world."

I told him that was typical ego-centrism of childhood. Except that I'm still suffering from it! We are enduring a string of high temps (over 30 days of 100+ this summer) and it feels like we're in a pressure cooker. After a week at family camp, where weather was wonderful and mild, I was amazed at how great the impact of local weather is on my mood!

I'm so glad that you are getting more rain this year! Heat and drought always remind me of how blessed we (this generation) are to have air conditioning, irrigation systems, and crop insurance!