Saturday, 20 August 2011

Birthday Adventure at Caversham

We went to Caversham Wildlife Park today and the kids looooved interacting with the animals: patting the koala, feeding the kangaroos, milking the cow, watching the sheep being shorn... and I got to crack a stock whip! These are the best of the photos that include family members. For photos that just show animals, see the previous post.

With the koalas:With the kangaroos:

At the Farm Show:


Mrs. Edwards said...

I love all your hats. It looks like you had a lovely day. I don't think I ever realized kangaroos were such good petting zoo animals.

Way to crack that whip!

Mrs. Edwards said...

Completely off topic: I was looking over your sidebar, which I haven't done in a while, and noticed that Don Quixote is crossed out. When did you read that? I attempted it recently and just couldn't stick with it.

I am reading Les Miserables right now, unabridged, which sometimes rambles but I find that I enjoy even the rambling.

How exactly did you read The Host from the outside in? This is the book that you gave me, and I still haven't read it (sorry to admit). I need to commit to read 100 pages and get involved with the story, I think.

I've recently had several people rave to me about Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, so I'm reading it now since it is a 14 day library new book load. Nothing like a time limit to concentrate the mind. I think it is pretty gripping. It is about a WWII soldier whose bomber crashes in the Pacific. He survives, but is picked up by the Japanese. I'm guessing Jeff would really love the book.

Take care!

Sharon said...

I read Don Quixote off and on over two years, from when I was pregnant with Josh to finishing it when Anna was a baby, I think. Obviously, I read other stuff in between! But I kept coming back to it because I was determined to read it... so don't be daunted by one false start.

In reading The Host from the outside in, I have read the prologue then the epilogue, the first chapter then the last. Then I have read the second chapter and second-to-last. Etc, all the way into the middle chapters! Occasionally I need to read two chapters from the front half or back half together, to see how the match works best. Then there are really obvious parallels in some chapters that show me that I am perfectly on track with how I think they match up. This type of reading would be very hard to do if you were not already quite familiar with the story. But if you know the story well, it is a fun and interesting way to read. When you have eventually read the book, I'll send you my analysis. It's going to be my first Hogwarts Professor post in a week or so, providing I get this Biblical Theology essay final draft done!

I haven't heard of Unbroken. It sounds like it could be very interesting, very depressing or disturbing, or completely miss the mark of either. Are you enjoying it so far?