Monday, 29 August 2011


We arrived in Sydney last night around 8:30pm local time. The flight went well, with the exception of the entertainment system which was on the blink the entire time. Despite being on a full 747 we found ourselves seated only two rows behind our friends the Ayambos, who minister to a Sudanese congregation in the suburb to the north of us, and were able to swap seats for a chat.

On reaching our hotel we found we have a tiny, triangular room on the 9th floor. I can't look out our window too long or it gives me the heeby-jeebies! It felt a bit anticlimactic to catch a train and walk to our hotel and just go to bed, watching TV and playing Sudoku, but that's pretty much what we did.

One thing we have found at our hotel" American hotel beds are much, much softer. Ours is fairly close to a plank. I didn't sleep well, and neither did Jeff. But he is the one who will suffer the most. He'll be walking with a stiff back the entire time we are here.

This morning we're off for a 3km walk to our conference, Oxygen 2011, at Technology Park.

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