Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Joshua has his own computer!

Homemade, to be sure, but it was a lot of fun to put together and he's pleased as punch!He spent ages making the letter stickers for his keyboard, and it was a fantastic review of capital letters and the alphabet, not that Joshua ever realised he was "doing school".If you'd like to make one yourself, here are some basic instructions:

1 sheet of A4 paper
sticky tape
1 large cardboard box
about 30 circle-shaped stickers
2 egg cartons
string or alternatives
small kitchen plastic measuring cup

1. To make the screen, sticky tape the sheet of paper to the large box.
2. To make the keyboard, first write the letters of the alphabet (in capitals) onto circle stickers. Stick one letter circle onto each of the egg cups on the bottom of the egg cartons. (Joshua did his in alphabetical order, but this isn't necessary, I chose to have him do this to reinforce his knowledge of alphabetical order.) Stick the last two letters onto the flap of one of the egg cartons, which will also represent the space bar key.
3. Use string to attach the two egg cartons together to form a keyboard as pictured. Also attach the egg carton keyboard with string to the screen. Use more string to attach the measuring cup to the other side of the screen.
4. Stick on extra circle stickers as necessary for an ON button and mouse button(s).
5. Draw on the screen to show what you are doing on the computer. (Joshua wanted to play "rocket ship computer games" straight away.)

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