Friday, 3 October 2008

Answers and advice wanted

"How do we learn to strike the right balance between our family and home-making responsibilities and our ministry to others outside our homes?"

I'd appreciate any and all comments in answer to this question of mine, which Jean has kindly put out in the public sphere for me on her blog in all honesty.

Edit: See this follow-up post at in all honesty.


argsmommy said...

I think we just learn through trial and error. Life is always changing, so we cannot expect even our best laid plans to always meet the need. We have to understand that in those times of change that there will be some disruptions. But in my experience, it's in those times of disruption that we really see God's grace and faithfulness at work.


Mrs. Edwards said...

This question is hard because God doesn't give us all the same calling. Last year when we read about David Livingstone, who traveled and trailblazed across Africa and brought Christ to many Africans, I struggled with realizing that he spent sixteen years in one stretch in Africa away from his family, who were back in England. In this day and age, we would call that abandonment. But, is that really fair?

I was blessed to be the child of missionaries and in that experience my folks were eight time zones away from me when I was in college. My sister, younger than me, experienced some very difficult hardship because of their ministry. And yet, neither she nor I would say that my folks were wrong to serve in that ministry. On the contrary, their example and the hardships both formed us into stronger women for Jesus.

Today I feel some shame because I am not interested in uprooting my family in that way, but I know that God often calls for families to be uprooted or endure separations for the Gospel.

But enough "big picture." In just figuring out how I use my very limited time for ministry, I find that my daily Bible and prayer time guide me.

I also look for ways that I can contribute uniquely. There are many people who would never consider teaching Sunday School, but I don't mind at all. On the other hand, many people are willing to serve in the nursery, something I don't do. I feel I can make a greater impact by doing what others might be less equipped or less willing to do.

Finally, I go back to our family mission statement. We seek to train our children to serve Christ and His Kingdom. I look for ways that God can use me in His Kingdom that don't conflict with my calling to train our children.