Thursday, 9 October 2008

Treasure hunting

This past week Jeff has been sending Joshua and Anna on treasure hunts. Each morning they are given a piece of old note paper with a sentence written on it. They have to be able to read the sentence to find the "treasure", which so far has been two or three small chocolate treats. The instructions are things such as "Look in the blue tub on the kitchen bench", and "Look in Daddy's bottom drawer". It's a literacy exercise, pure and simple, and Jeff has the kids very eager to read their sentence so they can find their treasure each morning.

This morning, Anna told me "I have treasure in heaven."

I replied, "That's right. God is storing up treasure in heaven for you in reward for doing His will."

"I wonder what it is" Anna continued. And then, in a deeply serious whisper, "I hope it's M&Ms."

1 comment:

mom24 said...

Oh, but little dear.... it's so much better than M&M's!

That is the cutest thing I've ever heard! So sweet....