Friday, 24 October 2008

Another milestone

This morning before Jeff headed off to college he moved the change table out of the boys' room. At the moment it's on our landing but it's going for good. Abigail still wears nappies to bed and Sam is in nappies all the time but I hardly ever change them on the change table as our single beds are high enough to make matters easy.

So after the drawers got moved around, we had a bit more room for the boys. But I wanted them to have even more. So I decided that I'd try out an idea: I collapsed Joshua's bed, which is a trundle, and shoved it under Sam's bed.When we bought the trundle along with Joshua and Anna's new beds last year, we hadn't planned to use it as a regular bed, but Sam learnt to climb out of his cot at quite an early age, so he had to go into a big bed. For a while he was in the trundle just flat on the floor and now he's in the proper bed and Joshua's on the trundle. Anyway, the purpose of all this was to make more room to play... but this is what I found under Joshua's bed:Joshua was quite amenable to tidying it all away somewhere so Sam didn't play with his toys when he woke from his afternoon nap. However, now we have to find a place for all of this stuff! The change table had two solid shelves which Joshua kept stuff on, and there was this whole storage area under his bed. But if he is going to have this space to play in each day, we're going to need to find another storage place. Or just throw it all away, which isn't exactly fair. Not all of it is junk!

It is strange to think that for the first time my kids' rooms are being organised so that they can play in them, rather than so that their baby needs can be cared for. Another milestone, I guess!

(And, also on the topic of play, Making Home has some great advice about toy sets.)

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