Monday, 12 May 2008

My Baby is in a Big Bed

Yesterday, I went to get Samuel after his nap and found him half way over the rail of his cot, suspended mid-way with a long drop to get out. I decided right then it was time for Samuel to move into a Big Bed. This was an emotional decision not so much because now I have no more babies in cots (actually, the mummy hormones are pretty much in control over that one). This is emotional because Jeff made the cot himself for our firstborn, Joshua, five years ago. The cot was one of Jeff's first large carpentry projects for our family. Each of our four children has slept in "the cot that Jeff made" (to paraphrase a nursery rhyme).It's true, there have been problems for a while, such as the need for shoelaces to hold one side on for the last two-and-a-half years, since we moved to Perth and the cot didn't fair so well in the moving.There's also the row of teeth marks where the paint has been eaten away, which first began appearing when it was Abigail's cot, but grew at an astounding rate when Samuel taught himself to stand up.And in the last month or so two of the side slats have fallen out and we had to turn the gappy side to the wall to prevent escapes - accidental or otherwise.So this morning, Jeff pulled apart the cot and I made up the new bed. For the forseeable future, Samuel will be sleeping on the trundle that we bought when Jeff had two single beds built to order for our eldest two last year. At the moment, it's right down by the floor (at the height of the castors), so Samuel can climb into it easily - and hopefully won't be too upset when he inevitably falls out. When he's a little bigger we can pull out the fold up legs and it will become a sturdy bed at the usual height.

Only right now, having his nap, Samuel looks so small in that BIG bed.

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mom24 said...

They always look so small in their 'big' beds!

Haven't had much time to read blogs or even postmuch recently. Just wanted to thanks you for your encouragment on my 'falling off the wagon'post. It's a great idea to post that verse on my cabinets -in my face! :-) 168:Come Weary Saints is also quite nice and uplifting.

Thanks again! I'll be back when I have some more time -I'm about 6 or 7 posts behind here! But I don't want to just skim...
Back soon...