Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Abigail's birthday party

Abigail turns 3 this weekend. This morning we had a party to take advantage of Auntie Carla and 2 cousins being in the Big Smoke.

Here's Abigail with her cake. Thanks to Jeff for making green pikelets with chocolate spread and Chocolate Mud Cake and to Mrs T for icing it and adding the pink sprinkles. Here's Abigail blowing out her candles. Thanks to Jeff for lighting the candles.
Kissing cousins!
Abigail with her two bestest friends: E and Cousin Lisa. And here are all the guests. Thanks to Auntie Carla for doing a little dance and making them all sit still and smile for the camera AT THE SAME TIME!
How clever is she?

Yes, a big thank you to everyone who made this party the success it was. I am not a good party mum, I'm afraid. Just not good on the details.

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