Monday, 26 May 2008

Jeff just bought an iMac on ebay

And now we both have to learn to use it. I had a Mac when we got married but all our computers since then have not been, so it's been a long time and there have been lots of changes.

He managed to get it for less than the student price he'd pay for it in store (it's brand new, was still sealed in the box), then opened up the box and found that the two upgrades he would have wanted to spend more money on - wireless keyboard & mouse and 2GB extra memory - were actually included in this particular one. So he saved even more than he had thought. Yippee!


Mrs. Edwards said...

You'll love it! We have a MacBook after switching to a Mac Mini a few years back.

I really like the iPhoto software--it is much smoother to use than the other photo softwares that I've seen. At the end of this school year I used iPhoto to make a photo book of our school year and school work. It was a little pricey, but not too much more than an elaborate scrapbook, but much less messy!


mom24 said...

Last time iUsed a Mac was 10 years ago in college! iKnow nothing about them anymore but the people iKnow who have them sure do like them! Enjoy!

ps Don't you love how God provided for us financially in surprising little ways?

Angela said...

You are going to love this- I have 3 macs and have used them since 92- I am all about the MAC! I am so excited for you!

Sharon said...

Thanks for your encouragement. I think the biggest hurdle so far has been remembering to use the command key instead of the control key. And this new, streamlined and sexy keyboard!

Thanks for the hint about iPhoto. It's somewhere down there at the bottom of the screen icon thingamabob...

~ Sharon