Saturday, 3 May 2008

4 - 1 = 3


We have had our second set of guinea pigs for less than a week (this tells what happened to our first set) and this morning Joshua woke Jeff and I up with:

"I saw a black cat in the back yard! and he had a guinea pig in his mouth! and I had to go outside and hiss at it to make it go! (sorry, Mum, I had to go outside without permission,) and now the brown guinea pig is on the lawn dead!"

I was sooo upset. Even Abigail told me, "It's okay, Mum, don't cry." Jeff had to work for an hour to rig up a roof of chicken wire and plastic mesh around the tree that is in the middle of their pen, which is made from several second hand screen doors wired together.It's a tremendously bodgy cage, and their little hutch, cobbled together from wooden off-cuts from Jeff's workshop, isn't too fancy either. I just hope it can keep cats out from now on!

At least the remaining three guinea pigs don't seem too petrified as a result of the cat attack on their pen-mate. We picked up Abigail's,and it was quite content to be held and patted by me and the kids, even Samuel.

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