Saturday, 31 May 2008

Weekly Report 2008:22

The astute among you will notice that I have missed my weekly report for week 21. I might get back to it, but I doubt it. And because I have spent most of the last week visiting the doctor with the kids, I'm going to report a little differently this week. I've decided to report some snippets from our conversations during the week. None of them were inspired by schoolwork - except for read alouds, we haven't done any academic stuff this week. So this is a blow-by-blow account of a week of unschooling:

Anna: "When we do tall measuring, I'm as long as Joshua."

On Monday we went to Koorong, then to the doctor (for Samuel, Abigail and Joshua), then the pharmacy, then the radiologist (chest x-ray for Samuel), then to McDs for lunch, back to the radiologist to pick up the x-ray, and finally to the doctor again with the x-ray so that he could let me know Samuel almost had pneumonia but not quite and could I come back on Wed or Thur for another check-up once he'd had his antibiotics.

Doctor: "Oooh, he does have a lot of green snot, doesn't he?" (talking about Joshua).

Joshua: "Will we meet Saul in heaven? I think we will because he obeyed Jesus."

On Tuesday we recovered from Monday.

Joshua (to Abigail): "Why don't you put your dress-ups on? I like to see you looking pretty and being happy and having fun."
Abigail: "No. I'm sick."

On Wednesday morning we missed BSF because Samuel was too sick for child care and I realised we needed to take Abigail back to the doctor for another check up, because she was coughing more and more and had started complaining of itchiness. Fortunately the receptionist was happy to double book her in with Samuel's appointment on Thursday.

On Wednesday afternoon, after three days of antibiotics, I saw Samuel smile again.

Joshua (to Anna): "I've discovered that Mummy is my boss. And I have another boss. God is my boss. And Daddy."
Anna: "And Jesus."
Joshua: "Yes, and Jesus. So I have four bosses. Anna, who are your bosses?"

On Thursday I took Samuel and Abigail to the doctor. The doctor said Samuel was obviously on the road to recovery but Abigail had a very bad case of tonsilitis. It was a secondary infection because she also had roseola infantum, a rash which shows up a few weeks after a viral infection. So then we went back to the pharmacy.

Joshua (handing out the play bread and little cups from the cooking set): "Now we are having communion. Dear Lord, you know our hearts. Thank you for Jesus. Amen."
Mum (silently): "Wow, he's sure right with that one God. Thanks for my wonderful son Joshua who knows and loves your Son Jesus so well..."

On Friday I took Anna to the doctor because I thought she could have her 4yo immunisations but it was too close to her getting the first of two flu immunisations a fortnight ago. You know, I felt annoyed at the inconvenience of this unnecessary trip while I was going home in the car, but looking back, I am totally grateful to the mercies of the Lord that one of my children has not been sick enough to need antibiotics this week. Anna has been taking "healthy medicine" (10mL of orange juice in a medicine cup) each evening this week because she was getting jealous of all the other kids' doses, but she has no idea how blessed she is.

Samuel: "Hello!" (to Granny, who came to visit us this evening, having brought home made chicken soup all the way from Albany, five hours drive away. Sometimes, I just have to thank God for my MIL, she really knows how to love us!)

Joshua (calling from the toilet): "Mummy, Mummy! Something mysterious has happened. My wee went all over the floor."

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mom24 said...

Ewww -green snot! Sounds like a rough and runaround week. With 4 kids all usually sharing germs, sometimes I feel loike we live at the dr office!
I love the way our kids phrase things - they are just so amusing!
Hope all are feeling better soon!