Sunday, 26 October 2008

Job hunt

Jeff and I had a date night on Friday and spent about two hours just talking about different options for his future employment. There are many many options (I listed them all out to my mum in an email and there were almost a dozen) but none of them stand out as feeling "right". And Jeff is unsure which option to follow up as well - or any or all of them!

He's rung up one church so far (but most likely was a few days too late) and sent an email to another one. Two close friends from church have suggested churches they know of which they think might be looking for pastors. One friend even asked us if we'd consider starting a church plant.

Jeff says he'll be "content" with any congregation which is evangelical, so we're considering such diverse denominations as Baptist, Churches of Christ, Anglican, Westminster Presbyterian, Methodist and even Brethren. I think Jeff would feel a lot easier in his spirit if he could find a good match with a Baptist church, though.

Jeff's not sure exactly how he should go about the job hunt because he doesn't know how any of the choices he's presently considering would help him towards his very-long-term goal of being able to lecture (possibly in Church History) at a theological college. Short and medium term, all he wants to do is pastor a congregation faithfully in the word of God, but he also wants to consider a denomination which will allow, or even encourage, him in future study to enable him to reach this goal.

This afternoon Jeff also mentioned that we will almost certainly have to move house as well. I knew this already, I guess, but hearing him say it aloud wasn't nice. One of the things I was looking forward to if he had been able to continue with the UC was that we would have been able to stay in this house for another few years, near all the friends I have made in the past three years while Jeff has studied. I am trying to remember just how nervous I was about my inability to make friends here in Perth before we came here - and how bountifully and generously God has met my needs in this area since we did. But it's still hard, especially because it has come upon us so suddenly.

Jeff was also looking forward to a holiday at home after all his time studying, but I don't think a period of unemployment will have quite the same restful effect.

At the moment I am just praying for a greater ability to trust the LORD in all things. Also asking for wisdom and peace for Jeff as he researches and pursues job leads at the same time as he completes his major project and studies for his exam. For the kids, that we will be able to show them how to trust God in this unsure time as well. And for a bright new vision for the future as we seek a church home where we will be excited to disciple people to live lives worthy of the calling of the LORD our God.


Mrs. Edwards said...

You could always check out churches in my part of the world! :)

I'll be praying for God's leading for you. The unknown can be pretty daunting.

Aimee said...

Hi Sharon!
I was just checking out the 'in all honesty' blog and found this comment by a Sharon, married to Jeff, whose at Bible College and they have 4 kids...
and it hit me: I know that Sharon!!!
It was lovely to read this post and to hear of more things I can be praying about for you and your family. Looking forward to hearing where you end up!

Sharon said...

So glad you found me Aimee. And thanks for the prayers as well. This is funny because I found someone else I know through her comments on the 168hrs blog...

~ Sharon