Wednesday, 27 February 2008

First day in Day Care

Samuel had his first day - well, four-and-a-half hours - of child care at Mercy Child Day Care today. He was happy when I left, and happy when I came back, and according to his carer, he was mostly happy in between, also. "A very contented and placid boy." And aren't I pleased? As soon as we got in the babies room and I put him down, he was off exploring. I think it helped that I took the bigger kids in to say goodbye and they wandered around the room looking at stuff; he quite possibly took his cue from their comfort in the new situation.

I was so glad to see, when I went in for an orientation to the centre on Tuesday, that the carer that I met is Christian. I know that Christians aren't perfect - we're just the ones who admit to being sinful - but it does help me to know that on Wednesdays, Samuel is in God's care through her hands.

I kept feeling a bit like something (someone) was missing today, but having Sam cared for so close to home actually made things run very smoothly. Although I walked out of Mercy 15 min later than I had planned, this was because we got there late, not because he took time settling in. We were still on time for BSF, and I was able to find an easy car park nearby. Hooray! Lunch with Jeff afterwards was that bit less rushed and stressed because I didn't have to collect Samuel until after lunch instead of immediately after class. Hmmm... I can definitely begin to appreciate the convenience of professional organised child care.

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