Friday, 29 February 2008

This blog has been awarded...

Thanks to Andrea from Heritage Academy, who awarded my Equip Academy blog with the "E for Excellent" blog award.

The award states that when you receive it, you're meant to award at least 10 other blogs. To be perfectly honest, I don't have time to read 10 other blogs regularly. I have four children and the eldest has just turned five, how on earth could I? (Don't answer that!)

So the only blog that I'd like to award with no obligation ;) because she has priorities other than blog-surfing as well, is for Rina's amazing photos and the stories of her life lived in such a different situation to mine. Rina studied with Jeff in his first year at Theol College and is now working with Global Interaction in Malawi, and you can check out her blog at jellybeans. Maybe while you visit her blog you can spend a few moments praying for her and for the people she meets and shares God's love with.

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