Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Singing Sam

Last year I posted about Anna singing at the washing line. A few days ago Samuel was caught doing exactly the same thing, even though he has to stand on tippy toes to reach the winder.I love this pic because Samuel is growing up so fast and it really shows how much he is learning from his siblings. He loves them all and they love him as well. This morning when I was putting Samuel down for his nap, Abigail came into his room and he saw her over my shoulder. The first I knew of her presence in the room was his happy chirp, "Ab-bee!" It is funny to see his vocab developing around his relationships rather than what he sees and does. Joshua's first words were things like dog, but Sam says hello, Dank-yoo (thank you), Mumma, Dada, Ab-bee, Anna, Ya-wa (that's Joshua), and bye-bye. Also brrmm when he's playing with toy cars, and oh-oh when he drops things or falls over.

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