Tuesday, 26 February 2008

So proud of my husband

Monday night Jeff's Theol College held its Commencement and Graduation ceremony. After the graduates received their degrees, the college made four awards. The first three were academic, and only graduates were eligible. But I am quite pleased to brag that, for the second year in a row, Jeff won an award which is open to all students, the recipient being the one who received the most votes from staff and students: the award was given for "Service to the College".
Obviously someone(s) have noticed that Jeff works hard to make the college a great place to study. As I mentioned recently, he's done several major woodworking projects for the college. He has also organised a supply of cold drinks and dehydrated foods for the students to purchase in their common room, which raised enough funds to buy an expresso machine for the students last year, as well as subsidising their end of year dinner (which Jeff has also had a fair bit to do with). Jeff co-ordinates a staff and student BBQ every term, and we host informal pizza nights here at our house once or twice a term with students from his year. As well as volunteering to help out with the odd jobs that come up when the college holds events like Ministry Matters, which he set up for on Monday morning.

All this is to say... I admire my husband's energy! (Although I do see the other side of the coin in time not spent studying or with us.) When I see how well he has served our college community over the past two years, I am confident he will serve well in the church community where he is one day employed.

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