Thursday, 14 February 2008

What I found when I woke up this morning:

Obviously, we had a restless night last night. Abi and Anna are getting runny noses and fevers, and Samuel has had a fever over 40 degrees (higher than my thermometer can measure, equivalent to 104+ degrees Farenheit) for the last two days. I had to go to Emergency on Tuesday, and we're off to our doc very soon. At the moment Samuel is listless and fretting, although he's more clammy than hot, having had lots of medicine at 6:30am when he woke up. Please pray for him and all our little ones.

Oh, and for a Happy Birthday for me! I think I might celebrate some other time, though...


Emily said...

That's one tire little baby. Great shot!

mom24 said...

Ooh! There is nothing more difficult to a mother's heart than for her children to be so sick! Don't forget that they are always in the Lord's care! I hope that you will all be feeling better soon!