Tuesday, 1 April 2008

AQWA excursion

The touch pool was a big hit for the kids with an assortment of star fish as well as small sting rays, Port Jackson sharks and some colourful fish:

The walk-through aquarium was fantastic with a loggerhead turtle:And Joshua's favourite, the grey nurse sharks:The display of tropical sea creatures in smaller aquaria was great. Anna loved the moon jellyfish and Joshua was intrigued by the sea cucumbers:
Of course the clown fish were a highlight! They were a lot smaller than I had realised, but they were part of a display with a moveable magnifying glass:
One of the most fascinating exhibits was the collection of whale bones (WA used to be quite a whaling hub years ago). There was a broken sperm whale jaw bone with holes for teeth big enough for most of Samuel's head. Also quite a few whale vertebra, part of a rib and a rusted old harpoon. It was huge! I hadn't ever thought of the size of "fishing tackle" necessary to catch animals that are bigger than a bus (Blue whales can grow to be as big as four buses end-to-end).

Even though Jeff couldn't join us as we had planned, we had a great time visiting the Aquarium of Western Australia. We only had to pay for Joshua and I as the others were young enough to go free, and we'll definitely be back. I've been to the London Aquarium, with its two storey high cylindrical aquarium, and to the Aquarium at Sentosa Island in Singapore, which has a dugong, and I was quite impressed with the comparably high standard of this one practically in our own back yard.

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