Thursday, 17 April 2008

Museum of Western Australia

We visited the Museum of Western Australia today to see their dinosaur exhibit. Here the kids all are by the (cast of a) Tyrannosaurus rex skull. Also a Muttaburrasaurus - a bit like an Iguanodon - and something else I can't remember but all you can see of them is their feet.Did you know that Tyrannosaurus rex is the North American Tyrannosaur species and there is another species whose fossil remains have been found in Asia? It is Tyrannosaurus baatar aka "Tarbosaurus". But I was disappointed to see no mention of the similar Australian dinosaur, Allosaurus (remains of which have also been found in North America. They seem to have had all the good dinos there). In fact, I was quite disappointed overall, because I was hoping for an emphasis on Australian items in the displays and this wasn't the case. For example the Western Australia - Land & People exhibit has a life-size model Carnataurus dinosaur. Wonderful! Except according to the information presented next to the model, Carnataurus fossils have been found in South America, not Western Australia. So why on earth is it in this exhibit? Just because it looks good and occasionally roars to frighten little kids?

The kids, especially Joshua, really did not want to pose, but I made them anyway. Does that make me a bad homeschooling mummy?If you look carefully in the top picture you will see that, while they are all wearing the same style hoodie jumper, Samuel's has the numbers removed. I unpicked them this morning, and plan to take the others' off as well ASAP. This jumper is going to be part of their homeschool uniform, and I will add a small Equip Academy logo in the upper left side of the jumper. (If I put a large one on their back you'd never see it with their hoods hanging down.) We had a lot of comments on their clothes as we walked through the city today, mostly positive.

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