Saturday, 12 April 2008

Matchmaker Joshua

Grandpa visited us yesterday on a flying visit for less than a day on the way home from Canberra to Banda Aceh, where he's working at the moment. Each time any of the grandparents visit we go through the same discussions about who is related how. Jeff's parents divorced when he was a young adult (before Jeff & I met) and Grandpa remains single. Joshua is getting closer to realising that Grandpa was once married to Granny, but I'm not planning to tell him unless he asks straight out, because I'm not looking forward to any questions that might come out of it.

But yesterday in the car on the way to lunch with Dad and Grandpa, Joshua had a different idea on his mind. This is what he told me:

"Mummy, if we visit Grandpa in Indonesia I can ask all the ladies there if they have husbands and if they don't I can ask them if they want me to introduce them to Grandpa and they can be his new wife!"

He seemed pleased as punch with his decision to play matchmaker for Grandpa... who wasn't convinced it could all work out that quickly and easily, I might add.

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