Monday, 14 April 2008

An excursion down our street

This morning, it being the first day of "school holidays", we haven't done maths etc but we have had lots of fun. After Jeff left for college, we set off down the street to watch the workmen who are building a new footpath. Before we got to the workmen, however, we saw one of our neighbours, in her yard so stopped to talk to her. A is quite sick with poliomyalgia but despite this she is always friendly and happy to see us. I had a nice chat with her while my kids followed A's son H around the yard to look at their many pet birds (they breed them). Anna loved their little Bantam hen and was very gentle with her.By this time it was getting quite warm so we headed down to the corner to watch the workmen. The main group of men, who we watched first, were pouring concrete into the formwork.
Unfortunately while the workmen were all in shade, we were not, so we walked back past another workman, who was sweeping over the smoothed concrete to ensure that it would not be too slippery when it rains.
We stayed to watch him edging the concrete so it is neat where the formwork comes away.
Joshua and Anna had a lovely chat with this workman who was very polite and happy to answer their questions about concreting and all manner of other things. Joshua told the workman how wonderful it would be when he could ride his bike and I could push our pram down the footpath instead of in the street (and truthfully I am very thankful as well).

At one point Joshua asked if the man had a wife and when he said not, Joshua told him he should get married so his wife could stay at home and look after their children. Then Joshua wanted to know who would make him pancakes for breakfast. Lovely to know that Joshua sees value in what I do :) but also a little impertinent - and I have to admit it's Jeff who makes special breakfast pancakes in this house. I am starting to see a pattern here, I think.

When we had almost finished chatting Joshua asked the workman's name and told him that he would like to write a thank you letter for making the footpath and telling us all about it. At home, I asked him what he wanted me to put in the letter. After the thank you bit, he wanted to write, "and what can we do for you?" but I suggested Joshua make an offer of a specific kindness instead. Here's the final letter:
Sam and the girls are napping now so Joshua and I just walked down to the workmen to deliver Joshua's letter. The workman said it was "the nicest thing anyone has ever given me on this job!" and we're looking forward to delivering pikelets to all the workmen for morning tea tomorrow. I am so pleased my son has such a servant heart!


mom24 said...

That is just so sweet! My J is also curious about construction and would have enjoyed this learning opportunity. Isn't it nice how the Lord provides us with teachable moments like this? I wonder how your son's actions will affect the heart of the worker....?


Sharon said...

An update:
Tuesday morning Joshua helped me measure and pour and mix pancake ingredients, then Jeff cooked them into pikelets for us. After breakfast with a very impatient son I added some jam and cream and we walked down to visit the workmen again. They have finished in our street (except for one or two places where there is a power pole in the middle of where the footpath will go) so we walked over the hill and along the next street to the end where they were. We had a lovely chat while they spread and flattened and smoothed the sections that had just been poured and then gave them the pikelets. They were so pleased! Jason had showed the other men Joshua's letter and they complimented him and said that it was very rare that they had people come and appreciate their work rather than just say things like, "when can I use my driveway?"