Sunday, 27 April 2008

A Long Weekend at Pemberton

After Anna unwrapped her birthday presents and we all sang "Happy Birthday" to her, we packed up the car and headed off to Pemberton, four hours south of our home in Perth. We've visited this township with friends once a year since we moved to Perth and found it a fantastic place to relax and get away from the hustle of everyday life. We stayed in one end of a 2br cottage and our friends the B*** family stayed in the other half with their three kids.

After lunch I fell asleep and Jeff decided to let his phone do the navigating... well, we got there, but I have to say the most direct route was not necessarily the fastest nor easiest on our Tarago. The system gave him directions via quite a few dirt roads, including some which are part of the Bibbulman Walking Track! The route was very scenic, although I could have done without the several huge trees which had fallen across the track in places necessitating diversions.

Anyway, we got to the cottages in time to sing Happy Birthday to Anna again, this time with cake:
The next morning we got to know the animals.
And played in the mud puddles. We walked to the Gloucester Tree and while the men climbed the tree, Mrs B showed the kids how to attract the locals, while I took photos.
When Mr B and Jeff got back down again, they wanted to meet some birds too.The next day, the adults took it easy while the kids played in the dirt.In the afternoon, the B family took Joshua for a 9km walk while Jeff checked out the local Fine Woodcraft Gallery and then I had my turn out, at the Lavender and Berry Farm.

This morning, Samuel was brave enough to get up close and personal with one of the sheep.And we picked out some new guinea pigs to bring home for pets. Guess which kid plans to call their guinea pig "Diesel 10"?

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