Saturday, 5 April 2008

Joshua's Pirate Story

Dear everyone, this is a story from Josh who wrote it. A story that isn't true that happened sometime in the world. It is about a pirate whose ship nearly sank.

The pirates had a big crew, and they always had to sleep. It was very squishy. The cooks had to work very hard. One day there was a big storm. BOOM went the thunder. BANG went the lightning. BANG BANG BANG. CRASH SMASH went the rain and the thunder. Everything made so much noise.The ship nearly sank.But then, the ship sank very quickly until all the ship was under water. Everyone got very quickly into the box. This box had a phone in the box (not many ships have phones) and they phoned a rescue submarine.Then the whale went so quickly and it gulped up that submarine. The ship had to phone another submarine, and when that submarine came it couldn't find any bit of the first submarine.Then they were rescued and they got up out of the water they found that the storm was not there anymore. Then they got a sea crane and they lifted up the pirate ship and they sailed the sea again.Narrated by Joshua to Dad (while I was out having a Mum's Day Off), illustrated by Dad and coloured by Joshua.

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