Monday, 7 April 2008

Talking to tradesmen

Talking with the tradesmen who occasionally visit our house is a highlight in Joshua's homeschooling day. Today, we had two men come to replace a window that one of the kids broke ages ago. Since this window was broken (it's the fourth in about six months) Jeff has put plywood shields over the lower windows in this room (our lounge) and the dining room at the front of the house. They're not pretty, but they sure are practical... and they went back on as soon as the trandesmen left.

Joshua was very obedient watching from the recliner - he had a good view but wasn't going to accidentally kneel on any broken glass. Once the old glass pane had been removed, I let Joshua move onto the carpet but he still had to stay well back. He decided since I'd taken one photo, he wanted to take photos as well, so got out the Mega blocks and built himself a camera on stilts:
While all this was going on, the other three were asleep. Well, Sam had been crying in his cot when the tradesmen arrived, but he was fast asleep by the time they left. It was lovely peace and quiet for all of about 20min here this afternoon. Although I must admit I did have a cat nap when I lay down to cuddle Anna for her nap, before the tradesmen arrived. I love afternoon nap time.

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